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Where Intentions Meet Accountability And Support

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Embrace Where You

The Wellthy Tribe is a community of supportive healthcare professionals (Tribal Guides) and fellow accountability partners (Tribemates), committed to making health our WELLTHiest asset. Cultivating a supportive and uplifting environment where Tribemates are empowered to embrace progress over perfection through Doctor-Supervised guidance. The Wellthy Tribe Tribemates lift fellow Tribemates as each Tribemate climb towards their intentions. Finding like-minded Tribemates that take joy in your joy and celebrate you for you. 

What We believe,
We Become

The Wellthy Tribe delivers doctor-supervised guidance, combined with individualized intention-setting to create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life. Using one of three Transformational Blueprints, our team of experts will meet you where you are in your health with a custom blueprint fit for your life.  The Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprints layout the framework for forward motion, a means to evolve and a way to continuously reach towards a better self. Emboldened with the determination to embody what they desire and become what they believe.

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BE Successful,
beyond the scale

The Wellthy Tribe ensures Tribemates not only survive but thrive in sustaining their daily WELLTH-building routines and habits. Once immersed into this new lifestyle transformation, commitment and support does not stop!  Providing encouragement every single step of the way as Tribemates succeed beyond the scale. Tribemates will have access to webinars, nutritional counseling, At-home testing for nutritional and hormonal imbalances and more Wellthy insights. Once you’ve started your Transformational Blueprint journey, you immediately become a V.I.T. – Very Intentional Tribemate!

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The Wellthy Tribe Experience

Whether you want to lose weight, learn daily healthy habits, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, The Wellthy Tribe affords Tribemates the unique benefit of having access to doctor supervision and expertise, along with a community of accountability partners showering you with support. Your Tribal Guide will ensure you’re having a meaningful experience and encourage your success virtually, along with your Tribemates encouragement, support, and celebration of you throughout the transformation. 

how does the wellthy tribe work?

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