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  • What is The Wellthy Tribe?
    The Wellthy Tribe is a community of supportive healthcare professionals and fellow tribemates, invested in seeing you live a life overflowing in health and wellness riches. Using one-on-one doctor-supervised virtual sessions along with accountability and support on daily healthy habits on managing food, exercise, sleep, and emotional health. The Wellthy Tribe is unlike any other health management or lifestyle transformation program ever created. The Wellthy Tribe employs innovative methods such as toxicity questionnaire and Tribemate’s Wellthy Intention(s) to determine which 10-day, 28-day, and/or 40-day Wellthy Transformational Blueprint is best aligned with Tribemates living a Wellthy Lifestyle. No more fad diets, no more waist trainers, and no more meal replacement shakes. We use actual science to determine the root cause of wellness concerns and develop the perfect approach to help tribemates reach their full health potential.
  • How is The Wellthy Tribe’s Transformational Blueprints different from other weight loss programs?
    The Wellthy Tribe is different because our “why” is YOU, our Tribemates. Each Transformational Blueprint is designed to support our Tribemates. We are dedicated to making our Tribemates’ journey our journey. Doctor-Supervised guidance is not the same as health coaches without the same educational background. It’s like having a Doctor in the family. Our difference makes us proud. Combining 1-on-1 virtual sessions along with accountability coaching and behavior modification all in one blueprint to achieve metabolic health and viable wellness is our secret to success.
  • What happens after joining The Wellthy Tribe?
    When you join The Wellthy Tribe, you’ll begin your transformational journey by setting your intentions with your Tribal Guide. Your Tribal Guide will outline the steps of the selected Blueprint including how to access V.I. T. portal, and Apps associated with your Blueprint. You will set a start date that best fit your schedule.
  • What will my first virtual doctor visit look like?
    Your first visit will be a virtual visit with your The Wellthy Tribe doctor who will review your health history, do a health assessment, and begin The Wellthy Transformational Blueprint best aligned for you. This appointment will take approximately 45 minutes.
  • How do The Wellthy Tribe’s doctors take care of members? Is it entirely virtual?
    The Wellthy Tribe uses daily tracking data from apps included in your Blueprint and/or information provided during 1-on-1 virtual sessions. Upon joining you’ll complete a toxicity questionnaire (if included in the Blueprint) and set your Wellthy Intentions, that our Tribal Guides will review before customizing your Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprint. It’s important that you provide The Wellthy Tribe Team with accurate information in your assessment and in your virtual visits so our Tribal Guides can provide the best guidance. Yes, our Blueprints are entirely digital using 1-on-1 virtual sessions to ensure each Tribemate is fully guided, supported, and held accountable. The Wellthy Tribal Guide 1-on-1 virtual session visits sessions take place over video conferencing, weekly and you can always reach our Tribal Guide via text and /or email. That means you can access The Wellthy Tribe from your home, or anywhere else you happen to be.
  • Who are the doctors on The Wellthy Tribe platform?
    All of our doctors are US-licensed and board-certified in Chiropractic. When you’re matched with your Wellthy Tribe doctor, you’ll be able to see their credentials and background. The Wellthy Tribe also have Tribal Experts that includes healthcare experts and key opinion leaders in the fields of metabolic health, fitness, and nutrition.
  • What certifications/qualifications do The Wellthy Tribal Experts have?
    The Wellthy Tribal Experts come from a number of different backgrounds—including public health, psychology, education, and nutrition—and therefore have a number of different certifications and qualifications.
  • Can I still join The Wellthy Tribe, if I have a limited routine due to COVID-19?"
    Yes, since our membership is 100% digital, you can bring The Wellthy Tribe wherever you are. Your goals and pace are personalized as you go, so any Wellthy Transformational Blueprint is always doable for anyone eligible to participate.
  • Who is eligible to join The Wellthy Tribe?
    The Wellthy Tribe is currently available to adults between the ages of 18-70 with a BMI of 30 and above (or 27 and above with other metabolic conditions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, obstructive sleep apnea or PCOS) who aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, and who aren’t dealing with substance abuse, eating disorders, cancer, recent bariatric surgery, active gallbladder disease, history of pancreatitis and/or history of medullary thyroid cancer (MEN syndrome). We are currently available in the states of Texas and Virginia. The Wellthy Tribe will be expanding nationwide soon. Visit our consultation form to schedule and check eligibility.
  • Can I join The Wellthy Tribe if I have pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, or other pre-existing conditions?"
    Absolutely! We designed The Wellthy Tribe to work for people with broad health histories and believe that improving your underlying metabolic health will lead to significant improvements to your overall health too. As part of your care, we will monitor your metabolic health. While we are not a replacement for Tribemates’ primary care provider and/or specialists and their treatment plans, the metabolic health changes you make through The Wellthy Tribe often have far-reaching positive effects on other conditions. The Wellthy Tribe commonly supports members who have the following conditions: Anxiety Arthritis Asthma Depression Diabetes Heart disease High blood pressure Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto’s disease Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Pre-diabetes Other thyroid conditions See if you're eligible for The Wellthy Tribe here.
  • Can I still join The Wellthy Tribe if I think I may have an eating disorder?
    The Wellthy Tribe is all about one step at a time. We recommend that you seek treatment for your eating disorder first, and we'd love to work with you once you’ve received that care and have been stable and healthy for at least six months. You can start with your doctor for a local referral, or Project HEAL is another option to help connect you with the support and resources you need.
  • Do I need a referral from my doctor to join The Wellthy Tribe?
    No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to join The Wellthy Tribe.
  • Does The Wellthy Tribe replace my primary care provider?
    No, we do not offer primary care. The Wellthy Tribe is a complement to—not a replacement for—your primary care provider and any other specialists currently involved in your medical care. While we look forward to partnering with your primary care provider and other specialists to share updates on your progress, it is very important that you continue to be treated for existing medical conditions outside of The Wellthy Tribe by your primary care provider.
  • What should I do if there's an emergency?
    Call 911 immediately in the case of a medical emergency. The Wellthy Tribe is not intended for emergency or urgent medical care. If your concern is not severe enough for 911, please contact your primary care provider or other managing specialists for urgent attention.
  • How much does The Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprints cost?
    Our Blueprints start at $528 and vary in cost depending on exactly which services are needed to be added to customize each blueprint. Payment options are available through Affirm.
  • Can the 10-day, 28-day, or 40-day The Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprints be paid monthly?"
    Yes, the 10-day, 28-day, or 40-day Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprints can be paid in monthly installments through Affirm.
  • Can I use my HSA or FSA account to pay for The Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprints?
    You can use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for The Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprints.
  • What is Affirm? How does it work?
    Our 10-day, 28-day, or 40-day The Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprints Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: You can reach out directly to Affirm at for questions about Affirm loans.
  • What’s not included in the cost of my The Wellthy Tribe membership?
    Any additional item or services not listed in your Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprint services.
  • What is the refund policy?
    You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting us at with the subject line “Cancellation Request.” Please note that your 10-day, 28-day, or 40-day Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprint will only be refundable in the scenarios outlined below: 10-day, 28-day, or 40-day The Wellthy Tribe Transformational Blueprint: If you change your mind and decide to cancel your selected Blueprint within 48 hours of purchase, you may request a full refund. If you change your mind and decide to cancel after 48 hours of joining, but before your first 1-on-1 virtual session, you may request a refund. If you do not complete your first virtual session's visit within 14 days of purchase, we will cancel your membership and you may request a refund. If you change your mind and decide to cancel after your first 1-on-1 virtual session, your payment is non-refundable, and we cannot issue a refund. If you need to take a break for any reason, you can pause any of The Wellthy Tribe’s Transformational Blueprint for up to 90 days once during your membership. After 90 days, you will be able to rejoin your program for the remaining duration of your membership. Read our full Membership Terms & Conditions for more information about our membership. For any questions about our membership options, reach out to us We’re in this together and will work with you to make sure you are achieving real results.
  • Do I have to sign up for The Wellthy Tribe’s Transformational Blueprint? Can I try it out first?
    If you’re interested in trying out The Wellthy Tribe’s Transformational Blueprint, you can sign up for a complimentary consultation, in which a The Tribal Guide will answer your questions and walk you through your comprehensive health intake to enable you to take control of your metabolic health.
  • What is a metabolic reset?
    A metabolic reset is a whole-body reset that sets up every part of your system to have a healthy response to food, sleep, exercise, and emotional triggers. When you have control over not just your metabolism, but your whole metabolic system, you have control over your weight.
  • What is The Wellthy Tribe's food philosophy?
    It is our mission to help you establish a sustainable and flexible approach to nutrition that focuses on minimizing fast-digesting carbs and making healthier choices that include protein, fiber, and healthy fats—without restricting or counting calories. The food program at The Wellthy Tribe creates a healthy and sustainable way of eating that promotes weight loss and sets you up for long-term health. By focusing on the quality of foods and making sure your body is getting the building blocks it needs you are empowered to feel in more control of your diet. The Wellthy Tribe does not use meal replacements and our Transformational Blueprints are not a diet. Instead of restricting your eating, we help you rebalance it. You’ll work with your accountability coaching team to make changes that work for your life and dietary needs or preferences. Although The Wellthy Tribe does allow flexibility, refined carbohydrates and sugar are the biggest contributors to weight gain and metabolic disease, not to mention being highly addictive. We help tribemates break the cycle, so you actually find that your brain and body doesn’t crave these types of foods as frequently. Through our nutrition webinars, the support of your fellow tribemates, and the guidance of your Wellthy Tribe Tribal Guides, you’ll learn how to incorporate healthier food habits in the life you’re already living.
  • Is my medical information protected?
    Yes, as a healthcare company, we take member privacy very seriously and operate in accordance with medical law. We are HIPAA-compliant and have designed our platform to comply with all relevant privacy laws. We have implemented strict security protocols to protect your information. Please read our privacy policy for more details.
Refund Policy
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